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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my child is ready for ACA’s rigorous curriculum?

Atlantic Collegiate Academy is not meant for everyone. There are high academic standards and we will have a rigorous curriculum to support that. Your child will be taking college courses, complete with a college transcript, as early as their junior year of high school (there are some exceptions for starting dual enrollment as a sophomore). To prepare for this level of rigor, our 9th and 10th grade courses are all Honors level. An Honors level course requires faster pacing and more complex assignments than the traditional college prep courses, which better prepares our students to be successful in the dual enrollment courses. 

With that said, we understand our students are teenagers and need support, and we offer many opportunities. 

  • Our teachers will have weekly office hours to meet with students
  • We will have a Multi-Tiered Support System (MTSS) team in place so that no student falls through the cracks. 
  • We have plans to offer a Math Lab and a Writing Lab, as well as to develop in-house tutoring with our National Honor Society students.
  • Additionally, our proprietary Compass Program was designed specifically to meet the needs of all our students throughout their time in high school.
    • During the Freshman and Sophomore years, all in-person courses will teach our core values (including respect, kindness, honor and accountability), time management, goal setting and organization skills as well as strategies for test preparation, test taking, note taking, managing stress and anxiety and post-graduation planning. 
    • During the Junior year, students will be enrolled in a College and Career planning course designed to help them build a custom post-graduation plan. 
    • During the Senior year students will continue in this course with college applications, college essays, enrollment in trade schools, community college, or the military, FAFSA form completion and scholarships.

Will your teachers be certified in the area they will be teaching?

Yes, our teachers will be South Carolina certified or will be in the process of being certified. We will also participate in our state’s evaluation process and provide curricular and pedagogical support so our teachers are teaching as effectively as possible.

Will they be using the South Carolina Standards and the profile of a South Carolina Graduate?

Yes, as a public school our teachers will follow all South Carolina state standards in their curriculum development and we will participate in all state mandated end of course exams (EOC).

What does the school day look like?

Below is an example of one of our sister schools’ schedules. We have a split AM/PM schedule for our students. This means approximately half of our students will attend four in-person classes in the AM session, between 7:30 AM-11:20 AM, and the other half of our students will attend four in-person classes between 11:45 AM-3:35 PM. Our student athletes will use their “off” session to participate in their sport or other activities. Additionally, students will have at least one online course to complete at home each year. Determination of AM or PM schedule is largely based on the sport a student plays.

Do you offer AP or IB classes?

No. We offer honors-level only courses and Dual Enrollment courses.

Will all my Dual Enrollment credits transfer to College?

Yes, we will only offer general education (GE) based dual enrollment credits that will transfer to colleges and universities in South Carolina. With that said, based on a student’s program of studies, or the decision to attend an out-of-state school, some courses may transfer as electives. 

Will you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation on a normal school day. Students have to get themselves from home to school and from school to practice. We only provide transportation on away games. 

What sports will ACA offer?

We would like to offer every sport in the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL), but we must have enough athletes, and a coach, to field a team. We plan to open with Football, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer, as well as Baseball and Softball.

Do you have to play a sport to go to ACA?

No, you do not have to play sports to attend ACA. If you do not play a sport, you have extended free time to invest in a non-ACA sport (such as gymnastics or equestrian), an internship, a job, a personal hobby, community service, or even adding additional Dual Enrollment courses (Junior year and later) to complete a degree or certification.

Can my child play multiple sports or just one sport?

Yes, your child can play multiple sports. We encourage multi-sport athletes. We look at sports as a learning experience for our students and support their efforts to develop multi-sport skills. 

How much does it cost to attend ACA?

ACA is a free, public charter school. There are some fees, like at all public high schools in South Carolina. For example, there is a $50 technology fee which helps pay for the Chromebooks we provide to every student. 

Where will Atlantic Collegiate Academy (ACA) be located?

For approximately the first year, Atlantic Collegiate Academy will be housed in a temporary location at Beach Church, 557 George Bishop Pkwy, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Once construction is completed, our school will be located off Hwy 90 on Bear Bluff Road in Conway, SC.

For more information on Atlantic Collegiate Academy, contact principal Mike Lorenz at 843-286-5990 or by email at

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