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Dear Students and Parents,

I am very excited to announce that Atlantic Collegiate Academy (ACA) will be opening in the 2023-2024 school year! This is going to be an exceptional educational opportunity for students in the Myrtle Beach area. ACA serves high school students in a safe, small, family-centered environment who seek the opportunity and challenge of a rigorous curriculum, high academic standards, and elite athletics, all while earning up to two years of tuition-free college credit.

ACA will foster positive relationships and create a collaborative school culture with students, parents, teachers, coaches and community members alike. With our focus on providing a safe environment, our students will have high standards of conduct and be expected to treat others with respect at all times. Our small, family-centered culture expects our staff to build positive relationships with their students and families, thereby strengthening bonds and opening lines of communication. Our rigorous curriculum requires every student to take honors level or dual-enrollment courses, which properly prepare them for college. With the support from our teachers, coaches and staff, each student will create a growth mindset and develop leadership skills that will make them successful in the “Big Game of Life”.  

One of the main advantages that makes Atlantic Collegiate Academy unique is our split schedule. Half of our student body will attend classes in the morning, while the other half of our students will be participating in their respective sports, working, or simply spending time with their families. In the afternoon, the schedules switch. This gives our students the opportunity to be done with their full day by 4:00 p.m. 

If you are looking for a small, safe, family-centered school that focuses on high academics and elite athletics, Atlantic Collegiate Academy is the place for you! I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss this great opportunity. Come and join “The Armada!”


Mike Lorenz
Mike Lorenz

Atlantic Collegiate Academy

Horry County, SC    |    (843) 286-5990

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